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Animals and Earthquakes

Welcome to the Animal Earthquake Project.  

This site gathers together some of the most important scientific and historical information about the study of unusual animal behavior prior to earthquakes.

On this site you'll find a fully revised and updated version of my popular essay on the subject, "Etho-Geological Forecasting", along with interviews that I have done with some of the most important researchers in this field--such as maverick geologist James Berkland and late Japanese researcher Dr. Motoji Ikeya. There is also message board on this site where people can leave their reports of unusual animal behavior and read the accounts of others.

Most importantly, this site is linked to http://petquake.org/. Please post your reports of unusual animal behavior on this site. The goal of this project and http://petquake.org/ is to create a database where people can report unusual animal behavior as part of an earthquake warning system.

I can be reached by email at: dajabr@well.com


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